Why East Side Sports Complex?

Location, Location, Location

SwimCityUSA and the St. Charles Park District spent months in contemplation of the qualities of the right location for this facility before settling on incorporating it into the East Side Sports Complex. While we were diligent on the topic, ultimately the choice made itself.

East Side Sports Complex is over 100 acres in size and has a large number of uses and amenities.  Since its opening in 2002 it has become one of the premier regional sports centers for baseball, soccer, football and lacrosse.  Ample parking exists in this already beautiful complex.


But there are other advantages too.  East Side Sports Complex is one of the most easily accessed properties in the western suburbs.  Four miles west of Route 59, the entry on Kirk Road is just south of Route 64 (North Avenue/Main Street) and just north of Route 38 (Roosevelt Road) both of which are nearing the end of major projects to increase their traffic flow.  These projects will be completed before the end of construction.  This alleviates traffic and congestion concerns for the local residents.

Additionally, the ease of use of a facility on this location for long meets is a major factor.  Located in a retail and dining heavy hub, the facility will be within 2 miles of over 800 hotel rooms, guaranteeing the economic impact stays in St. Charles.


This is one of the major keys to the success of this project – creating dining, retail and hotel revenues for St. Charles will be a major economic boost for the city.

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