Commitment to Health

At its heart, this project is one about health.

Whether water walking, vertical exercising or swimming laps, exercise in the water promotes better health with reduced risk of injury.  Many community members simply cannot safely or comfortably exercise on land.  In the water the body can weigh up to 90% less than on land so a healthy lifestyle based on proper exercise is possible.  For the healthier person, cross training on land and in the water is a successful exercise option.  Aquatics will be the leader in helping to solve health issues related to obesity and de-conditioning problems.


Additionally, in water physical therapy is becoming the norm.

The purpose of aquatic physical therapy is to hasten the rehabilitation process through the use of the physical properties of water, improve the ability to perform daily activities, and to provide a safe environment for learning therapeutic exercises.


The following physical properties of water assist with an aquatic physical therapy program:

•           Buoyancy

•           Weight reduction on painful joints

•           Movement Assistance

•           Warm Water

•           Increased blood flow to muscles

•           Improved flexibility

•           Hydrostatic Pressure

•           Reduced swelling

•           Resistive force