Community Growth

Serving all communities means growth at home and all around us.

Swim City USA often refers to serving communities.  With the massive economic impact predicted for St. Charles it is easy to believe we are discussing towns, but we aren’t.  Certainly, St. Charles as a city will benefit from the facility tremendously, but when we talk community we are thinking of small unique groups currently underserved in the area in terms of their access to water.  Combining the needs of these communities is what makes the facility feasible and sustainable.


A properly planned, constructed and managed facility serves many groups through the increase in current programming and the establishment of new programming.

Increasing Current Programming

Through interviewing and document review, the study group identified areas of current programming which would support growth during the existing months of programming and be able to be expanded into current months without programming.  The study took into account all existing competition for programming and other athletic options.  Areas of need which were identified include:

Learn to Swim

Aquatic Fitness

School Break Activity Camps

Water Safety Education Programs such as Lifeguard training and general water and boating safety

Recreation Swim Team

Family based recreation programs

Aquatic related recreational programs

Canoe/Kayak Classes

Stand Up Paddling

Summer Day Camp programming for weather impaired days

Parties, entertainment and functions


Further aquatic programming identified as being in need of space, either as in-house or rental tenants, exist throughout the western suburbs.  Some of these include altogether new programming while others are easy expansions of existing programs.

Diving Club

Water Polo Club Team

Synchronized Swim Teams

Masters Swim Team and TriathlonTtraining

Scuba Program

Therapy and Rehabilitative services

Specialized Sports Camps

Local programming for clubs and teams


Regional and National programming for institutions such as USA Swimming and USA Diving.

This is not exhaustive.  Aquatics programming continues to develop through health based services, competitive and non-competitive training programming and wellness care beyond the average recreational and entertainment users of existing facilities.