The Mission

Rarely does an opportunity present itself to do something great for a community.  This is that opportunity, and many communities will benefit from its completion.  Chicago’s western suburbs, the Fox Valley area, Illinois and the swimming communities will all thank St. Charles for its foresight.

The mission statement says it all:

Serve our Communities, Serve All Ages, Increase Safety, Promote Excellence, Improve Health



Serve Our Communities

– Illinois has one of the largest recognized swimming community in the United States, but it lacks a modern facility open to the public for recreation, learning, training and competing.

– A new facility would have an economic impact on the community measured in new jobs and millions in new revenue.  Here is the study for a similar facility in Washington:

– Residents of the St. Charles and the Fox Valley have limited access to indoor swimming facilities.  In the summer, many residents take advantage of the wonderful outdoor facilities only to be left without options nearly 8 months a year.

Serve Swimmers of All Ages

– From young to old, there is a place for you in aquatics:  year round beginner lessons, age group swimming, diving, SCUBA, Kayaking, physical therapy, adult learn-to-swim, triathlon training and water polo, not to mention just plain having fun in the pool.  A modern indoor facility can enhance the life of every person with access to it.

Increase Aquatic Awareness & Safety

According to USA Swimming:

– Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of childhood accidental death

– Ten people drown each day in the U.S.

– Children from non-swimming households are eight times more likely to be at-risk of drowning

– Participation in formal swim lessons can reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%

– More than one in five fatal drowning victims is a child younger than 14


Promote Excellence

Aquatic sports promote healthy bodies and healthy minds.  Swimmers, divers, water polo players and synchronized swimmers learn discipline, team work and dedication that gives them an advantage outside the pool.  They develop positive body image and a fitness level that keeps them both happy and healthy.


Improve health

Taking part in aquatics for exercise is easy, and the benefits are nearly endless.  The low impact aerobic nature of water sports increases muscle tone while lowering body fat.  Increased flexibility, improvement of asthma symptoms, lower cholesterol, reduced stress and increased heart health are what follows, leading to healthier communities and longer life.

Aquatics serves other specific communities as well.  Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, and arthritis are only some of the many conditions for which swimming is regularly prescribed by professionals.

Join us in our mission to improve our communities and provide a lasting impact on the area benefiting individuals of every age through better health and a positive economic impact.  Every donation brings us closer to better personal and financial health.