The Facility

From the beginning Swim City USA has pursued this project using best in class business practices to ensure the end result would be an aquatics center capable of supporting itself operationally without taxpayer assistance.

To that end we have consulted experts in several fields – construction, programming, marketing, fundraising and market analysis to name a few.  Information in hand, we retained the Isaac Sports Group out of Ann Arbor, Michigan to conduct an independent study to measure feasibility and economic impact of an indoor aquatics center in St. Charles.


The study recommended a larger facility than we envisioned, a grand plan which captures enough markets to make the facility self-sufficient.  The recommendation was to build a two pool indoor facility – a large pool for lap swim, teaching, recreation and competition and a smaller pool for teaching, recreation and therapy.

The facility will be located at St. Charles Park District’s East Side park, on land already owned by the district.  It will be a social, health and economic center; an energetic force for change.


For more information on why the committee settled on East Side Park see the impact area on this page.

Each pool, independent of each other, could not generate sufficient revenue to guarantee the success of the project.  Together they serve each community segment and augment the facility’s finances to sustainability and make a large economic impact on the city and surrounding area.

We are in the process of interviewing architects to establish the basic plan and certify the construction costs of the facility.  We are not far from putting a shovel in the ground to fulfill our mission.