The Project Overview


Swim City USA has already commissioned concept, feasibility, market and economic impact studies and the results were astounding.

The Economic Impact study concluded that nearly 10,000 hotel room nights per year will be reserved with the opening of this aquatic facility.  $7.4 Million per year will be directly spent in the local communities with the additional hotel and restaurant revenue.  The Total Economic Impact will be $12 Million annually.  In the first five years of operation, St. Charles will look to have nearly $60 Million injected into its economy.

New and increased programming should reach nearly 10,000 individual of all ages per year, from learning to swim to competitive swimming, health and strength training and therapy, the across the board programming model will touch the lives of thousands every month.


In the next phase we intend to raise money to support the capital outlay.  This total is intended to fund the costs of construction and establish a reserve for future operational contingencies.  Understanding the positive impact of this facility, we know others will realize the unlimited opportunity it presents to St. Charles and its economy.  The ability to provide a gift to one’s community, with minimized impact to local property taxes is a unique proposal that requires participation at any level.

Once enough money is raised the St. Charles Park District will begin construction of the aquatic center.  Through contracts and a clearly defined scope and budget, Swim City USA will guarantee its commitment and ability to complete this proposed facility.

Our MISSION IS GRAND, AND SO IS OUR PLAN!  With your support, our local communities will benefit for years to come.